Planner Clips 5 Ways with Tombow and Lawn Fawn

Written By Dani Manning - June 30 2017


September 28 2020


September 28 2020


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August 01 2020


Elaine Weberg
July 03 2017

Fun ideas…great!

Viola Leary
July 02 2017

Those embellishments are so cute. They would make great presents for my planner friends. Great ideas. Premade items like yours can be so expensive. Thank you for the ideas.

Denise Bryant
July 01 2017

Lots of fun ideas… love that shaker clip!

July 01 2017

OMG these are so awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Barbara Chapman
July 01 2017

love these!

Cynthia Cole
July 01 2017

Very creative planner clips!

Sandra Merritt
July 01 2017

cute ideas; I love the shaker bookmark

Sue LD
July 01 2017

I like your fun and sparkly planner clips.

Ginni Berg
July 01 2017

Great ideas! thanks

Nicole N.
July 01 2017

These clips are awesome. What a great idea.

Charlotte C
July 01 2017

Such cute ideas. TFS

Nan griffin
June 30 2017

Cute ideas.

Deborah Vintinner
June 30 2017

Great ideas!! So pretty!!

Gail S.
June 30 2017

Great ideas. I especially like the shaker clip.

Kleri F
June 30 2017

Awesome ideas!Thank you for sharing!

June 30 2017

Fun projects!

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